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There are many programs out there that are geared toward making leaders better and more sensitive to their employees.  That’s not what my program does. My program is geared to empowering the employees—how they can be better, more fulfilled employees.  I’d say nearly everyone really wants to do a good job and be recognized for it, but for one reason or another doesn’t get there.  What can I do for you? Well, in my career as an engineer, I have had more than my share of challenges to “getting there”.  After a couple of bosses from hell and some dead end jobs, I have learned what it takes to gain satisfaction in what I do, my work, family and spiritual life. But most of all, I have learned how to get along with the most difficult bosses!  It’s not easy, but it can be done with my proven techniques.

Yes, a difficult boss can erode morale, but a relationship is a two-way street.  We play a role in our interaction with our bosses.  No one ever finds it effective or easy to try to control another person.  It just makes matters worse.  What we do have control over, is ourselves and our attitudes. Unfortunately, our attitudes when morale is down, may make matters worse!  It is a downward spiral.  Often, we may like what we do, but not the person for whom we do it. We are not always in control over what boss we get.  A company may realign or merge with another company and we get a different boss.  Running to another job might be counterproductive in many ways. Developing a better relationship will be more productive for you.

The Choice

In order to change how you interact with your boss, there has to be a magical shift from:

My boss needs to change or I am going to leave!
What can I do to change the situation?

It is about you making adjustments in attitude and accepting the situation, then determining what you can do to change the situation. Any relationship is a two-way street.

Stay tuned, coming soon - free webinar, "My Boss Drives Me Crazy". I will share some proven techniques to deal with three of the most common challenging bosses.

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